Geospatial has become Omnipotent and Omnipresent – Sajid Mukhtar

Geospatial has become omnipotent and omnipresent

Geospatial has become omnipotent and omnipresent

The geospatial industry saw a huge boost with the rise of computing power. Modern technologies like LiDAR and photogrammetry have been widely adopted on economic platforms such as ordinary cars and remotely piloted vehicles like aerial drones and autonomous underwater vehicles. The technical breakthroughs have provided us with huge datasets collected from the field cost-effectively, frequently and in real time. These datasets are growing exponentially and modern data technologies like Big Data are being used instead of traditional data management systems. Deep learning technologies are now being used to analyse the datasets and provide reliable and timely solutions in urban planning, agriculture, infrastructure management, mining, disaster mitigation, etc.

Empowering customers
While many brands focus on delivering customer satisfaction, the concept of customer empowerment is sometimes overlooked. In the past, meeting customer expectations and delivering good services was sufficient. The modern consumer, however, has many more options to consider — from greater competition among brands to new technologies and channels at their disposal. To empower customers and make them confident in their choices, brands must make each experience seamless and meaningful, while listening closely to their feedback.

At Roter Group of Companies, we believe in educating customers for informed decision-making. We go beyond regular sales model to a consulting model by focusing on an in-depth understanding of the customers’ requirements and assisting them in opting for the right product for the right job, even if we that product is not a part of our offerings. Because in the end, what matters the most is customer trust.

Welcoming changes
Changes are always welcomed at the Roter Group of Companies, specifically in technological advancements concerning products and services. That’s because these bring in efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in positive sentiments in the overall ease of doing business.

The disruption in technologies, both in hardware and software, such as the development of high precision sensors and products, have created new opportunities. At the same time, quick data processing software has helped geospatial become omnipotent and omnipresent.

R&D has been part of the DNA of our company since its inception. We have been consistently enhancing our products and services to provide the highest level of satisfaction to the industries and individuals we serve. We believe that a well-planned investment in R&D is always for a secure future.

Enhancing productivity
Nothing is constant in the world, and so the economic activities are no exception. Every slowdown is a periodical lag that requires reviewing and restructuring of policies and regulations for a more focused economic growth. As far as our business is concerned, none of the economic slowdowns have left any permanent impact on us and will never do so, because of our multisectoral and global business strategies. Geospatial data and technologies help industries and governments increase productivity and reduce wastage, which itself can bring a noteworthy impact during a perceived global recession.